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The new Mario game "Supulu Maliu-Khan!! World of the Risuring Sun!!" (NA Release title: New! Super! Duper!! MARIOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! McLand 3D NEW) has just come out in Japan 10 minutes ago and has already been beaten in 5 minutes. According to children that were holding the Wii mote while they watched the game win itself in 5 minutes, Mario dies at the end after sacrificing himself for the mushroom kingdom by following Bowser into a pit of lava with a choke-hold on him. Then Bowser comes back as a skeleton and kills Luigi. This is causing a huge pleasant uproar amongst the pleasant baby community and they are hanging themselves with nunchucks and shit cuz no more pleasant Mario haha. What do you think about this new nintentarded decision? Post your thoughts below by connecting with Facebook and I'll be too busy jacking off to Peach to read them XD!