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hey enverybondy they'res a knew game cumming out and is call gay peple v.s. retards. its a new game for ps2 and it's a 2v2 tag team fighting game. theirs even a bowling minigame where you can bole. they way you play the game is u get the game at the store then take of da plastik den u open da thing and u take out the cd then you put the cd in the ps2 then you plug in you're ps2 into the socket in duh wall den u press the switch on da back of duh ps2 den u turn it uuuuuuh on den you press da button da makes da thing poop out den u put da cd in da uhhhhh........ da game den u turn on da ps2 den you uhhhhhh press start.....den u selelct a carater or u can pay da boling mini game. den you just play da game.