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This is my speech for my graduation ceremony that I will be giving in front of thousands of people on a podium dressed in my cap and gown:

I don't like black people because none of them play 3DS. I never see any black people playing 3DS so I don't think they play 3DS. But hey who knows maybe they do play 3DS? If you're a black person do you play Nintendo 3DS? If you did I would play my favorite game with you. My favorite game is Pokemon Sun and Moon. It's a video game for 3DS and it's really fun. If you ever played a Pokemon game then you know what it's about. If you didn't ever played a Pokemon game it's where you explore a world and catch Pokemon and save the world. So if you're a black person that plays 3DS you can tell me and we can play Pokemon on 3DS.

Then I walk off the stage.