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welcome to, the definitive social network for g ay and re tarded people! BUT YOU HAVE TO BE G AY AND RE TARDED! if you try to sign up and are not g ay and re tarded, we will find out where you live, drug you, and lay your unconscious body on the train tracks. after the train turns you into a mangled corpse, we will then feed your meat and organs to dogs and shoot the dogs in the head. we will then bag up your bones and dump them in the middle of the ocean. we will then billy-goat and suck a duck, twist its neck until it breaks and then throw the dead duck into the water to float above your sunken skeleton. we will then puke on top of the duck and jump into the pukey water and drink it and masturbate until we cum, drink more of the salty pukey cum and dead duck and skeleton water until we drown and billy-goating die