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Fuck a Retard Up
This is a first person game that uses extremely high tech advanced face texture mapping to make a photorealistic retard that you can fuck up using brass knuckles, a metal rod, a knife, gun, etc. You just beat the shit out of the retard in first person and it screams and bleeds and cries in confusion and fear. When the retard finally drops dead an actual picture of a naked retard pops up with the penis showing. This crashes your system and will remain stuck on the screen until you unplug the console. For PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. There is also a game boy version that has an extra "Screeching Retard" mode that just shows a pixelated picture of a retard using the 8-bit sound capabilities of the gameboy to sound like it's a retarded screaming but it just sounds like an extremely loud glitch emitting from the gameboy nonstop.